Prior to contacting you about our online poker games, we need certain pieces of information and personal details. This section will guide you through, helping you to understand the information that we need and the way in which we will use it.

Mandarin Gaming is, categorically committed to respect your private lives, as well as the laws in place for the protection of information and personal information. The details that you entrust us with are confidential and we will not disclose  them, unless absolutely necessary. This information, will not be, under any circumstances, shared or sold to third parties, except if established previously in your user contract.

Mandarin Gaming reserves the right to amend or modify its confidentiality policy, and at any time. This is why we recommend that you regularly consult our charter, in addition to information published on our website.

For all modification to your personal information, or to forbid our use of it, for all complaints, concerning your information, you can contact us by e-mail at  All requests must be accompanied by proof supporting your request.

Personal Information
To open a player account, respond to our communication (questionnaires, surveys) to be kept up to date about new releases available, or for all other information connected to online poker games, you must provide certain pieces of personal information. These details allow us to tell you apart and to identify you as a person of over 18 years old.
Information that we consider to be personal take into account, but are not limited to your : surname, first name, date of birth, address of residence, home or other, credit card number, bank information, telephone, e-mail address, in addition to all necessary information concerning sending bills, assets or gifts. Your information will be kept safe and confidential on our servers. In order to improve our services we take the liberty of saving all information related to administration and traffic of our website, on our servers. The information saved will only be used for professional reasons by members of the team or by third parties, in connection with your use of our services.

Processing of your information
Our teams will only use your confidential information for professional reasons. Your information will be used to give you access to our services, be passed on to our customer service department, to carry out your online transactions, deal with your requests for information, allow security tests and ID check, improve our products and all other activity which is connected to the use of our services. We reserve the right to share your details with our sister companies, affiliates, suppliers, consultants, experts and all partners connected to our service, in order to improve our customer services and our promotional offers. To no longer receive these promotional offers, you need to send an e-mail to If you take part in a survey or a competition on our website and you win a prize, you accept the use of your surnames and first names for promotional reasons, except if that is forbidden by the law. As long as we are not notified to the contrary, we will continue to use your personal details for promotional reasons. We will only sell, lend or share your details with a third party, if that is stipulated in your user contract.

Information checks
Mandarin Gaming reserves the right to check your personal information and financial transactions carried out on our services. To successfully complete these checks, you accept that we and our partners, whose activity is related to your detail checks, can use your information to check the accuracy.

Disclosure of your information
We only disclose your information if the law obliges us to, or if we believe, to the best of our knowledge, that we are obliged to by the law. We will use your personal details if we are subjected to a legal proceeding, if we have to protect our interests or insure the security of our clients or the public. We reserve the right to disclose your personal information to banks, credit card companies, processing companies, online casino sites or any other establishment whose activity is linked to ours. In case you are involved in an illegal activity, fraudulent or an attempt at fraud, in a forbidden transaction, in the production of imitations, fixing of poker games, cheating, money laundering or all activity that could cause harm to Mandarin Gaming.

 Cookies are files which temporarily record your visits to our website onto your hard drive and allow us to gather certain information. The use of cookies allows us to improve our services and to better adapt them to your demands. Thanks to cookies, we can trace your use of our site, get you to participate in promotional offers adapted to your preferences, improve the quality of our technical services and check the traffic on our sites. We use two types of cookies :

  • ‘Session’ cookies which record the time of your visit to our site, on your computer.
  • ‘Permanent ‘ cookies which stay recorded on your computer for a previously defined period of time, according to the type of cookie.

The use of cookies is not obligatory. It is possible for you to refuse cookies by adjusting your internet browser, but that risks blocking certain characteristics of our site. The use of cookies makes using our site easier and causes no damage to your computer.

Security of Information
We are committed to protecting copies of your personal details. This information is stocked in our networks, which are highly safe and protected by a number of security systems and firewalls. We place a particular importance to the security of personal information, that is why we assure that our sister companies, affiliates, supplier agents, consultants, experts, buyers, future investors, as well as all partners whose activity is related to information checks possess security systems and confidentiality with an equivalent to ours.

Protection of under age people
Mandarin Gaming services are strictly reserved to people over 18 years old, or at least the minimum age required by the jurisdiction applicable to them. This condition is obligatory to become one of our members and get access to our services. You have the responsability to check the laws in place in your jurisdiction, so that the use of online poker games is legal in the country where you live. Our policy is to respect the laws in place, concerning the minimum legal age to take part in our online poker games. We can carry out document checks, such as passport and Identity cards, to check information about a player, chosen at random. If we come to discover that an under age person, or a person who isn’t of the required age for one jursidiction, has tried to submit, or has submit, his personal details on our site, we will be obliged to refuse this information and to block this person’s access to our website.

International transfer of details
Mandarin Gaming, as a website, targets a worldwide clientele. Certain personal information provided by our clients can come from different countries all over the world. All information that we receive is recorded and processed in countries where our companies or those of our sister companies, affiliates, agents, suppliers, consultants, experts, buyers, future investors as well as those of third parties whose activity is related to the processing of our information, are set up. We reserve the right to send your personal details to our colleagues, in whatever country they may be in, sometimes that may be outside the country that you provided your information. In the case that the laws in a country don’t satisfy our policy of confidentiality, we will take every step necessary, so that our sister companies, affiliates, agents, suppliers, consultants, experts, buyers, future investors, as well as third parties whose activity is related to processing information, conform to our confidentiality standards.

Consent to our confidentiality policy
In signing up to our website and participating in the services that we offer, you are acknowledging to have read and accepted our confidentiality policy. We reserve the right to amend or to modify, at any time, our confidentiality policy. Any amendment or modification will be posted on our website. Nevertheless, we recommend that you read our confidentiality policy as well as our general conditions. That is our entire and exclusive confidentiality policy and must take precedence over any older version.


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