1. Objectives
To prevent misuse of the game and the growth of compulsive players
The game is a form of entertainment which attracts millions of players who have no problems. Nevertheless, the game can also lead to an addiction that one must know how to stop.

 2. Symptoms
Playing online games is, above all, a pleasure. In case a player feels a growing need to play online and a pressing need which doesn’t die down unless he plays more, we advise this player to answer the questions found in section 3, Prevention. In fact, these symptoms are not to be taken lightly, as important financial factors as well as family problems can be added to the addiction.

3. Prevention
Prevention of addiction is not always possible. Therapy can benefit people who are subject to compulsive gaming or other addictions. People who know compulsive players within their family can be at more risk and must be particularly careful.

Have a glance over these questions to see if they correspond to you:

  1. Have you ever missed work or school for the game? Has the game ever made your family life unhappy?
  2. Has the game affected your reputation?
  3. Have you ever had feelings of guilt after playing?
  4. Have you ever played to win money for debts or to resolve financial problems?
  5. Has the game caused a lowering of your ambition or efficiency?
  6. After losing, have you felt the need to play again as quickly as possible , in order to win your money back?
  7. After winning, have you felt the need to play again to earn even more?
  8. Have you ever played until your last penny?
  9. Do you have reservations about using your “game money” for daily expenses?
  10. Have you ever borrowed money to finance the game?
  11. Have you ever sold something to finance the game?
  12. Does the game make you negligent towards yourself or your family?
  13. Have you ever played longer than anticipated?
  14. Have you ever played to escape boredom or problems?
  15. Have you ever committed, or envisage committing an illegal act to finance the game?
  16. Has the game ever caused sleep problems?
  17. Do quarrels, disappointments or frustrations create a need to play?
  18. Have you ever felt the need to celebrate your luck by playing for a few hours?
  19. Have you considered self harm or suicide following games?

If the answer to one of these questions is yes, we would advise you to contact one of the following services:
· Global Gambling Guidance Group -
· Gambling Therapy -
· GamCare -

4. Adictel – Help for addicted players

Despite a great majority of players who play poker for fun, Mandarin Gaming understands the risks of addiction to online games and has taken the necessary steps to support people who are victims of this.
Mandarin Gaming, as a member of the Mandarin Gaming group is accepted and recognised by Adictel, an independent company based in France which helps compulsive players, with total confidentiality.
Adictel Consulting - 143 rue Saussure - 75017 Paris - France.

5. Mandarin Gaming’s procedures and internal regulations

Mandarin Gaming’s policy is of responsible gaming. To fight against compulsive behaviour:

- Our employees are trained to recognise compulsive players or underage players and to take the necessary measures to confront this problem.
- A player, if judged to be unfit to play due to his addiction problems or because he is underage, will be banned from the Mandarin Gaming website.
- Our identification procedures are based on recording your personal details and aimed at preventing underage players.
- When opening an account or when making a deposit, Mandarin Gaming checks all personal details of the player. According to the law, we are not supposed to make payments of over £2,330 without having done a complete check beforehand.  

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